Some exciting new changes are coming to Edgewood.edu!

In the coming months you will notice many of the sites and individual pages on website changing over to a new design with some important features we would like you to be aware of.

  1. Common Branding - With this framework we are working hard at integrating the same framework into all various web presences. DotNetNuke (DNN), Express (JICS) and Sharepoint 2013 are the environments where we are trying to incorporate this common template.
  2. EC global Navigation - In the top right we are introducing a new Edgewood College global Nav as a way to navigate between the commonly used web applications. This is sometimes referred to as audience based navigation.
  3. Microsites - We are utilizing more microsites. With Sharepoint and DNN, it's a better practice for us to create microsites for different departments. Specifically with Sharepoint it will allow us to backup each microsite separately allowing for better disaster recovery. For example, if the HR portion of Sharepoint has to be recovered from a backup, it will only affect HR's microsite, and not all of the Sharepoint sites.
  4. Call to actions - In the black bar at the top of the web page for each microsite we will be allowing custom site wide "call to actions". These allow viewers to quickly access the most common actions used on a site.
  5. Footer - Our footer is now fixed on every page and will give users quick access to the commonly used links within Edgewood College.

Below you will find examples of all the new features on the Edgewood College website.

Branding and Navigation Search and Call to Actions audience navigation footer

Common Branding and Site Navigation

As we integrate the bootstrap framework and templates you will see more consistent branding and site navigation throughout the Edgewood College web presence.

EC Global/Audience Navigation

Click on the new Audience Navigation button to reveal a convenient way to access many of the most frequently used sites for both students and staff as well as the Edgewood College twitter feed.

Search and Call to Actions

Call to Actions represent some of the most commonly used features of a site and allow users to quickly access them. Clicking on the new magnifying glass logo will reveal the new search bar.


Clicking on "Edgewood Information" will reveal our new footer which highlights some of the most important information and links that users search for and request. You will also find links to the most popular official Edgewood College social media pages.


Responsive design is one of the bootstrap's greatest features, and with it comes a much improved mobile version of our site. Images, navigation, text, and other features will automatically re-size for ease of use on desktops, laptops, tablets, and phones.